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Hair loss shampoo…! myth or reality:

hair loss shampoo recipes

When we faced with problems related to hair loss The most important decision to be made is whether to use or not, a shampoo to treat the problem at hand.

The pharmaceutical industry offers a large number of products with various options to address this problem, unfortunately many products to be too high content of chemical ingredients can be counterproductive and lead to side effects. However, there are natural recipes that allow you to restore your hair naturally without any unexpected effect.

On our site: Hair Loss Shampoo, we have for our visitors excellent reviews all natural and pharmaceutical products where you can decide what type of shampoo used to counteract the problem of hair loss.

It is very important to note that no shampoo natural pharmacist or nature will have a positive effect if it is not treated and used correctly and consistently, any treatment, shampoo or method used to treat the problem of alopecia to be used by a non minimum period of three months, since only this timely manner can come to a conclusion to determine whether the product really is effective in treating the problem of hair loss or not.

However it is advisable before starting any treatment try to identify the causes that are losing their hair, only in this way it is possible to find the most effective remedy or treatment according to your problem.

We invite you to carefully browse our site, and we are sure you will find a suitable formula for you. Remember ... Try not cost anything ...!

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Shampoo Natural baking soda and vinegar

Wednesday, April 6
Natural shampoo
Our hair is likely to need a period of adjustment, and at first we look more fat or dandruff, but eventually enjoy the natural recipe exchange based shampoo baking soda and vinegar.

Today most of the products we use for daily cleaning are not only fully synthetic but contain substances that can be harmful to health, since many of them pierce our skin through the pores and reach our bloodstream.

This happens for example with shampoos. Manufacturers looking for products that smell good and make a lot of foam, and we do not realize that we are using very aggressive products that ultimately can be very harmful to health. These contain, for example, sodium lauryl sulfate famous, a surfactant (surface active agent) was used as industrial detergent or degreasing agent type. Applied to our scalp, removes the layer of natural fat and irritated and dry skin, and may be toxic.

Hair Loss Shampoo

The natural and healthy alternative organic shampoos are made with natural ingredients and vegetables, flavored with essential oils, but unfortunately, they are considerably more expensive than conventional.

In this context, one solution is to restore traditional formulas that are natural and do not cost much, for example, to wash your hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

We need?

Sodium bicarbonate
Apple vinegar
Two bottles of plastic bottle style

How do you prepare?

Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of warm water until dissolved and the mixture filled the first bottle. This first mixture causes the shampoo function therefore may increase or decrease the amount of bicarbonate as if we had more fat or hair dryer. The more fat, more bicarbonate supplement.

Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and fill the second bottle. This second mixture serves as a conditioner and also to find the right amount of vinegar to our hair. The dryer is, add more vinegar.

How can we apply?

With wet hair, apply the mixture of baking for different sites of the head and gently massaged.
Clarify with plenty of water. We will notice that the hair is rough, but again the vinegar will balance your pH.

We now apply the vinegar mixture, give good and clarified again.

Natural ingredients for your shampoo


We can add essential oils to flavor or enhance certain properties. For example, tea tree oil will help us if we dandruff, rosemary help us avoid falling, and lavender will relax the scalp and leave smell very good. Anyway, vinegar flavor disappears when the hair is dried.

When you stop using chemicals in hair an adjustment period is necessary for you to rebuild your natural protective layer, so for a few days or weeks we notice more fat, dandruff, among other things. If we are patient, possibly, our hair will thank you.
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